Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tutorial Five: Video Production Sessions

YouTube is a website that enables it's users to post videos, as well as watch other people's videos. It is organised in a way that users become members in order to post their videos and then are able to save their favourite videos so that they can easily view them in the future. Youtube does not require everyone that uses it to have an account, which makes this an easy site to access and use without having to remember a login! However without an account you are only able to view the clips, to upload your own and choose favourites and post comment it is important to start a personal account. This can be done at http://www.youtube.com/

My first fieldwork placement was set in community pediatrics.
Here are some YouTube video clips that explain some of the things an OT does in this setting.

This clip briefly explains the setting and the range of children an OT in this field comes in contact with...

USCOSOT (2009).

This next clip identifies one of a number of activities an OT would use in this setting to incorporate both play and learning...

childcareland (2008).

This next clip gives a very good picture of the impact an OT has in a child's life and the skills that are worked on...

websight1 (2009).

This next clip identifiees a variety of the different tools an OT uses in practice with children and identifies what each is useful for...

OTStudentKaren (2008).

This final clip is an OT explaining why occupational therapy is appropriate for children and the uses of it...


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